Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Such Thing As a Good Women’s Magazine

Here’s the thing: I have found recently that if I want fashion, wit, snark, politics, cooking, engaging graphics, and a lack of blatant sexism all in one place, there’s no choice but for me to read a men’s magazine. Esquire, specifically. 

I was in the Minneapolis airport earlier this week, on my first of two (ugh) layovers between Boston, MA and Pasco, WA, where I was headed for my sister’s graduation. My problems with airlines are neither here nor there, although the inefficiency of air travel was what prompted me to buy magazines in the first place - I usually read a book, but the flights were short and sweet, so I figured the reading material should be as well. 

Time magazine was a must. I had had a subscription for years, I recently didn’t renew for budgetary reasons. But what else? I had already stolen the new Vogue from my boss, and it was too bulky to bring in the carry-on anyway. People, Us Weekly, Star, etc, are out of the question and each Special Collectors Edition plastered with the Royal Wedding was making me increasingly more nauseous. 

It’s spring, so I wanted to read about fashion (shoes and bathing suits in particular). But, I’m a well-educated, intelligent and savvy woman, so I was also looking for something that had, in addition to nail polish and similar vapidity, tech reviews, maybe something on how to cook an organic meal in less than an hour and what under-$30 wine to pair it with, in addition to a couple movie/music/book reviews, a few editorial columns, and an extended feature or two, maybe about politics or international affairs, finishing with the obligatory celebrity snooze-fest.

I ask, then: what women’s magazine has these things that doesn’t also include menopause how-to’s and advice for at least thirteen sex positions that are more painful (in a bad way) than pleasurable, on top of all the other things that give women a bad name?? 

The answer: there are none. 

I resorted to Esquire, which has all of this and more, but for MEN. My roommate/best friend/”husband” always buys Esquire and I recently decided to buy him the food columnist’s new cookbook, Eat like a Man, for his birthday. Because he likes quick, easy, healthy, manly cooking. (This is a straight guy who once spent $20 on a strawberry huller, which is a stem remover, for those who didn’t know).

But, I, too, like quick, healthy cooking. I like fashion. I like music. I like politics. I like editorials by quippy, young, cynical writers. I am an urban, educated, hip, employed young woman with a little bit of disposable income, but I cannot find a magazine that suits me or my lifestyle! Harumph!

Solution? If you’re interested in starting a magazine that’s like Esquire, but for women, hit me up. 

- AP - 

What do you think? Can you think of a women’s magazine I may have missed?


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